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Leadership Team

Rick Gorka - President

The Founder of AIRON, Rick has over 40 years in the HVAC & Building Automation and Controls industry.  Starting his Career as Gas Meter Reader, to HVAC Technician, to Owner Operator in 1993, and his Career Path has landed him as the President – AIRON Canada.  Testament to his innovative growth strategy, BGIS acquired AIRON-GTA as a Centre of Excellence Pillar in Building Automation in March 2020. Rick proudly leads the National AIRON Division of BGIS.

Craig Piercey - Vice President

Craig brings over 40 years’ Wisdom from Service Dispatch through to Complex Systems Sales, Management and Global Vice President Positions, and finding a home at AIRON as our General Manager.  Craig oversaw and successfully managed AIRON through our period of significant growth and continues to lead our GTA Team as well as supporting our National-Divisions as Vice President of AIRON.

Phil Lemieux - Regional General Manager

Ontario East / Quebec Regions

For nearly 25 years, Phil focused on supporting, growing, and managing his Family Business in Ottawa, ON,, Lar-Mex.  Phil leads Airon Ontario East and Quebec division with a strategy to champion customer experience, deliver the best service and promotes innovation. Phil operates with agility and efficiency, and supports the Airon Ontario East and Quebec Teams and our communities. In December 2021, Lar-Mex HVAC & Control division joined AIRON.  Phil continues to lead his Ottawa Division as General Manager, spear heading his Vision to combine innovative BAS with reliable Mechanical Services Nationally.

Cecil Hutt - Regional General Manager

BCS - Eastern Canada

Starting as a Field Technician 26 years ago, Cecil proved his determination and drive conquering Technological change head-on. Throughout 17 years the BCS Controls capabilities have anchored themselves as a premier HVAC & Control Contractor in the Maritimes.  In January 2022, Cecil and BCS joined the AIRON Division to leverage best-practices and deliver Smart Building Technologies of the future.

Dale Akenclose - Regional General Manager

PCL - Western Canada

Dale founded Performance Controls Ltd. in 1992 after nearly 15 years working in the HVAC & Control industry.  Nearly 50 years ago, starting as a Building Mechanical Superintendent; Dale leveraged that understanding to become a Contracting Solutions Manager at a Global Manufacturer.  Performance Controls join the AIRON Division in February 2022 and has already expanded West into Alberta, offering Expertise at SAIT.

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