Case studies

Niagara College of Canada

Since 2001, AIRON has been the Control Contractor of choice for Niagara College. Originally, we expanded the existing campus wide Honeywell XL5000 / XBS into a renovated library and cafeteria. Over the years we have done countless BAS projects throughout all the College campus’ and Student Residences.

Our most notable project came in 2009 just prior to a major Welland Campus expansion. The challenge was to open up and unlock the proprietary Honeywell XL5000 / XBS system to be expanded, modernized, and optimized to allow technology from multiple vendors improve the functionality and overall energy performance of all the controlled systems.

We proposed and executed integration of the existing system into Tridium’s Niagara AX Platform. A Phased migration plan was provided to replace the existing dated technology of the Honeywell XL5000 system with modern open controllers as needed based on system expansion, as well as contingency for controller failure and applying optimized control strategies.

Niagara Supervisor AX software was installed on a server in their protected mainframe server facility and through this centralized GUI connected all the controllers across all buildings throughout both campuses. This marked the first integration of Niagara AX into Honeywell XL5000 for North America.

The project was a great success as indicated by Ange Bruni the Facility Manager at the time: “AIRON's flexibility and creativity is a highly desirable feature in today's challenging world of technology, and from my experience, this has been a missing element in relation to the larger corporations. It is those very characteristics that allowed AIRON to successfully create a systematic approach to achieve the requested innovated results.”

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ArcelorMittal Dofasco

AIRON has provided ArcelorMittal Dofasco BAS solutions since 2001.

Our original installation was in the Central Shipping Warehouse; a ten (10) acre facility located in Hamilton, Ontario. It serves as a warehouse and shipping facility for Dofasco’s highest quality steel products. The current through put levels average 500 trucks and 154 transporter loads per 24 hour period. Through automating the environmental controls we saved ArcelorMittal Dofasco ten’s of millions of dollars over the years in both energy and product damaged by rust.

Our success lead to us earning place as the exclusive BAS provider to ArcelorMittal Dofasco. The system began as a Honeywell XL5000 / XBS. As Dofasco saw the opportunity to expand the BAS to other areas of the plant we offered one of the first LAN networked systems in Canada. We installed a Honeywell EBI –SymmetrE GUI server in their central IT server facility and continued to expand BAS into other mission critical areas of their plant.

Energy management became a growing concern; we continued to expand into most of their major office and support buildings. In 2012, the Honeywell EBI – SymmetrE GUI was aged and limiting the ability to provide energy and production analytic data to facility management and the various business units. We proposed our now tested and proven Phasing Method to Dofasco. We executed the modernization plan seamlessly, and today we are working with ArcelorMittal Dofasco in utilizing the Niagara Supervisor AX solution to execute a major energy retrofit in key buildings throughout the entire plant.

Our success is explained by Jim Inglis, Senior Technical Co-ordinator - H.V.A.C.: “AIRON's workmanship has always exceeded ArcelorMittal - Dofasco’s expectations. They have been able to meet the requirements of the stringent Third Party Contractor’s standards including Health and Safety and follow-up warranty”

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City of Hamilton & Hamilton Police Services

AIRON has installed many BAS systems throughout the City of Hamilton. We were instrumental in guiding the City’s Energy Initiative Team to upgrade and migrate the entire mission critical, city centralized, BAS from a proprietary Honeywell XL5000 / EBI system to a modern open, web based Niagara AX Supervisor based system. Today, the City of Hamilton can take advantage of multiple vender solutions through advanced energy management integration solutions and choose from a list of qualified integrators to perform the work.

The Hamilton Police Services BAS operates as a standalone system within the City of Hamilton. In 2010, AIRON was contracted to upgrade the legacy Honeywell XL Plus system. We chose Honeywell Niagara AX as our platform as it was consistent with the technology chosen for the expanded City of Hamilton BAS. We pre-designed the graphics and installed the Niagara Supervisor AX GUI in the first Phase. We then preprogrammed all the controllers to match, and in many cases optimize, the operation of each existing controller we were to replace. We then replaced the entire system controller by controller, commissioning each controller in sequence. In the end, we replaced the entire system live and without incident at the mission critical downtown Hamilton Main Police Headquarters.

Next, we utilized Niagara AX technology to remove the Honeywell EBI – SymmetrE GUI server at the Hamilton Mountain Police Station. We integrated Niagara AX into the existing Honeywell XL 5000 controllers, tying the entire system back the Niagara AX Supervisor server providing their facility management team central control of both stations.

We are currently working with Hamilton Police Services to upgrade and integrate other police stations into the central AX server.

Dan Bowman, Asset Manager, Hamilton Police Services praises: “AIRON consistently delivered the projects on time and for the agreed upon quote. There were no extras required and the work was completed professionally and without incident. Their knowledgeable technicians have provided continued support and service on the building automation system and provided excellent service since the installation. I recommend AIRON for any projects requiring fully integrated building automation systems.”

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Toronto Community Housing Corporation

AIRON worked with TCHC on the Regent Park Revitalization Project, the West Don Lands Project, and an energy retrofit project involving 15 existing high-rise buildings.

Upon completion of our first Regent Park project (Block 14), TCHC reviewed the functionality of the Niagara Supervisor AX GUI and decided to adopt the platform as their centralized monitoring system. We moved the software from a PC located in the Building Manager’s office of Block 14, to a maintained server in their central IT server facility. From that point on, all new BAS systems installed within their portfolio of 2200 buildings were integrated into Niagara Supervisor AX GUI.

TCHC was thrilled AIRON won the tender to provide a Niagara AX integrated solution to connect 15 existing high-rise apartment buildings into their centralized system. This task involved integrating (via 3rd party drivers) controllers from several manufacturers and, in some cases; it involved replacement of proprietary controllers in which integration drivers were not available.

We have been involved with the Regent Park Revitalization since 2006; when Daniels Corporation was selected as their development partner. Since that time we have exclusively provided the BAS controls in ten buildings, including: The Spectrum Arts and Cultural Centre and the Regent Park Aquatic Centre.

Part of our scope of work included the integration of over 1000 sub meters providing billable data to TCHC’s Niagara Supervisor AX GUI. We have also integrated the BAS in each building to a 3rd party District Energy control system to allow for the free flow of critical data between the two systems.

The majority of our procurement responsibility is to the developer, Daniels. Sam Tassone, Vice President, Construction, has this to say about our performance: “AIRON has established themselves as an industry leader in Building Automation Systems through their innovative approach to new technology. Their technicians are extremely knowledgeable in the building automation design and installation. Their correction of deficiencies is complete in a timely manner and warranty follow-up are performed quickly and efficiently”

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The Region of Niagara

The Energy Management Team at Niagara Region realized the first step in applying an energy management strategy throughout many distributed buildings was to install one central monitoring station that could communicate with their many different control systems installed throughout their building portfolio.

Through their own independent research they selected the Niagara AX platform. At that time, AIRON was under a contract to install the BAS in a relatively small EMS building in Fort Erie. We proposed they move the Niagara Supervisor AX GUI from the PC at the EMS building and install it on a server located in their Central IT Server Room. In doing so, they obtained the central monitoring station they were looking for at no additional cost, as it was already budgeted into the construction costs of the EMS building. AIRON was then hired to integrate all their existing control systems into the central Niagara Supervisor AX server.

The biggest challenge was the main headquarters building; it was built in several phases and therefore had many different manufacturers’ products, of many different design eras. We managed to integrate every system except one old legacy Delta system into the Niagara Supervisor AX server. We replaced the Delta system with modern controllers and integrated the following other systems: Johnson Metasys, Honeywell XL 5000, Delta V3, Carrier CCN, and York. We are continuing to integrate buildings into the Niagara AX Supervisor on our Designed Phased Approach.

Policy prohibits Region of Niagara employees to provide letters of reference.

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